July 2020 Book Review: Dying, time travelling, animals talking, creepy exchanges

As far as my series of book review is concerned, I left you on March 2020 when I talked about books written by women. I guarantee you that your Kindle junkie is still tap-tapping that rectangle thing. However, I got caught up with old stuff, new stuff, sharp stuff that had beaten the hell out […]

I works at freelance podcaster

Hello reader, This weekend I joined in an activity which is totally new and intimidating to me. Jade Mark shared to me the plan he has been brewing with David Jayson about creating a podcast where we’d talk about millennial trends and angst. I know I’d hide myself in any public speaking activities, being aware that […]

The day the Anti Terror Law takes effect

July 18, 2020 | Mindanao, Philippines Dear reader, As of writing, this marks the first day that Anti-Terror Law takes effect in the Philippines. Such a noble intention to curb terrorism in this country, but what you may have learned from the era of post-truth is to not fall into the bait of promising titles […]

Book review on March 2020: Women, women, women

Apologies for the two-month delay of this blog post. March had been a terrible month as it was the onset of the community quarantine; April was more terrible with weeks of self-imposed internet disconnection; May is a month when I’m struggling to stabilize everything that had happened to me and to the world, and I’m […]

Disposing of/holding on

I was first introduced to Marie Kondo last year when I once received messages of friends asking me to adopt the wacky socks they do not want to use anymore.  Marie Kondo has become a household name, so phenomenal that she has become more of a verb than a figure. To ‘Marie Kondo,’ as how […]

Book review: Tales on love for February 2020

I am coming back from where we left off: a quick review of the books I have read in February. I pored over four books about love—one fiction and three nonfiction. The following were Enigma variations by André Aciman, Unrequited by Lisa Phillips, Modern romance by Aziz Ansari, and Modern love by Daniel Jones (ed.). […]

COVID-19: 10 things in mind

How are you? This is really a silly question to ask, considering the proliferation of the pandemic that has changed our lives forever. But this is coming from a place of concern, because inasmuch as I expect that your answers would most likely be depressing, sad, terrible, being asked this question is something that would […]

A love letter

To whom it may concern: If you fall under the category of the brokenhearted, the depressed, the friendzoned, the ghostee, the abused, the stuck, the invisible, the solitary, the incomplete, the waitlisted, or the abandoned, I am giving this letter to you. So February 14 excludes you from those who will celebrate this day with […]

BOOK REVIEW: January 2020

Alright, 2019’s the shit. But if there is anything to brag about that year, then I would claim it to be the Year of Voracious Reading Because What Is Happening To Kloyde, To The World But Then My Reads Are Funny, Cathartic, Full Of Heart. The only thing I regret in that section of my […]

Your January 10, 2020; my December 31, 2019

In my head, today marks my New Year’s Eve. It’s still December 31, 2019 in my calendar. I kid you not. I believe that time is relative and a social construct. I have two situations to exemplify.  A. March 11, 2018. The day we had to fly out of Washington DC, it was daylight savings […]

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