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I works at freelance podcaster

Hello reader,

This weekend I joined in an activity which is totally new and intimidating to me. Jade Mark shared to me the plan he has been brewing with David Jayson about creating a podcast where we’d talk about millennial trends and angst. I know I’d hide myself in any public speaking activities, being aware that oral communication is not my strong suit. I would agonize on the mere thought of my squeaky nasal voice, stutter, and ideas that’d be left unsaid out of my stage–or in this case, screen–fright, let alone the anxiety that ringing tone brings. 
Angelo said yes as well, and with his presence perpetuates the illusion that this is just another gin session at my place. It was easy to forget about the insecurities and predispositions I have. Besides, I need distraction from my intense office task and the vague, longgggggg quarantine our national government has subjected us.
Hence the birth of Works at Freelance Podcaster, with the title derived from silly Facebook work titles some people are proud to flaunt, which is admirable.  To succinctly describe our content, the channel is “millennial musings by millennials.”

David facilitated our episode, perhaps coming from his Prime Minister speaker role in a parliamentary debate. I am not sure about that, but we all pushed him to do the opening spiels and he has this cosmic glue to juxtapose our ideas.
I have always admired how Angelo makes his points clear with his fresh insights and generosity to share his stories. And man, he has that DJ voice fit for an advice segment on a radio show.
Jade might not admit this, but he’s a wunderkind when it comes to elaborating anything in the world. His dry humor and pop culture reference are something I dig. 
And me, my thoughts is better consumed when read than listened to, I am fully cognizant of that. But I follow podcasts on a daily basis, because what else is a better companion while sitting down on my office station with a serviceable internet provider? I have always wanted to be a friend of the pod, because I can sense if there is something more the podcasters can provide. But I never had the guts to do it.
In our first episode we call Paranormal Inactivity, we discussed on the phenomenon of ghosting, and we all spoke as the aggravated and the aggravator. We tried to limit our episode to 30 minutes, but there’s just a lot of baggage each of us had to unpack. It lasted for an hour covering our salutations, library research, experiences, and encouragements for the heartbroken to value themselves, and for the heartbreakers to remind themselves that they already know what to do with all these.

It’s been hours since this podcast went live, but here are few of the paraphrased feedback we received:
1. Stronger internet connection and audio quality
2. Background music for breaks
3. Bet (pertaining to Jade, perhaps); your voice (Jade’s) is my favorite
4. It’s giving me a *insert a popular Filipino vlog* vibe!
5. @kloydecaday talking about ghosting feels like home (from a tipsy friend)
6. Putting this in a less-insulting manner: Your voice (Kloyde) sounds like a girl.

So much about that (I need to worry about my dog who is in a bad shape and has lost appetite 😢), here are the links you can find our podcast Works at freelance podcaster:
Facebook Page (please hit like!)

And the resources about ghosting that we brought to the table:
Modern Romance: An Investigation by Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg

So now, shall I call you a reader or a listener, or both?


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