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Book Duke appreciation tweets: A book haul

Come to Book Duke’s Facebook page! Also, I wrote an earlier post about my Book Duke book haul. Don’t miss laughing at it!

Books I bought:

  • Brief Interviews with Hideous Men – David Foster Wallace
  • Another Country – James Baldwin
  • Tell Me How Long the Train’s Been Gone – James Baldwin
  • Black Orchid – Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean
  • Shortcomings – Adrian Tomine
  • The Savage – David Almond and Dave McKean
  • Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth – Chris Ware
  • Watchmen – Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons
  • Speak, Memory – Vladimir Nabokov
  • The Bell Jar – Sylvia Plath (for my student)
  • The Heart of the Matter – Graham Greene
  • Three Famous Short Novels – William Faulkner
  • Grey Area – Will Self

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