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Dear diary, and other musings

  1. Dear diary, 

I’m not sure when you’d be tired listening to the things I carry and to my intrusive thoughts. A lot of people have quit because I am a liability, and I am glad you are neither a people nor a ghost. Well, you really have no choice. And worry not, you won’t read my penmanship.

(My notebooks/diaries/planners since 2013) 📓 

 2. —in which the arrival of these is a perfect timing. Our lesson is about intrapersonal communication; I showed these to my students and seriously encouraged them to keep a journal. I said it’s important for me to write that I checked emails, juggled work, drank medicines, etc. Reminds me that I’m not empty at all.

Notebook cover reads: Someday I’ll become happy*
* you can ask my iPad notes dated 20 November 2019 and earlier if you’re curious

3. I also ordered Harry Potter and “Growing Up” postcards. I am not giving these to anybody in particular (for now) and perhaps that seems sad. Pero malay mo, 2020 would turn out well, especially that rebranding has ensued and that I’m starting to believe this brand.

4. Re: intrapersonal communication, I also showed them (students) the diaries of David Sedaris and Taylor Swift and said keeping moments doesn’t necessarily mean writing well—nobody’s watching. The reason why some diaries have locks with them is because they’re made to rust away, and any intruder who wants to snoop around will be turned off by what diaries have become. Rust is the number 1 repellent against unauthorized readers.

They can glue tickets, receipt, stamps, etc. etc. etc. And why? Memory is unreliable.

This is Taylor Swift writing her best poetry. From Lover Deluxe. Swear to be overdramatic and true.
David Sedaris: I wish I had more interesting things to say, but I’ve never had to force myself to write in my diary.

I asked them if they do this, and one male student said he has kept rubber bands and pieces of fabric.

From my 2018 planner. A week in Singapore.

I am not certain if I’m a pro in keeping and cherishing a moment, but I am a pro in feeling things right at a moment.

I bought a new wallet, which is my proxy diary.

I still have your picture you gave me–


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